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Currently Under Development

Club Tennis is pivotal for the development of tennis. The ITF is in the process of researching how clubs around the world effectively operate and develop criteria that would allow the member nations of the ITF to recognise a good quality active club which supports all the principles of Tennis Play and Stay concepts and is effective at attracting and retaining players

For Tennis Play and Stay campaign to be effective, it needs to work well at the club (micro) level. The ITF expects various programmes to be used at club level to adapt tennis competition and coaching to the needs of the tennis customer and by doing so to help increase tennis participation worldwide. User friendly competition at the micro-level is vital and clubs should cater for the competitive needs of all players by offering user-friendly competition as an example.

Proposed Programme

The objective is to develop an international recognition programme or Clubmark for national federations to use and evaluate / monitor the delivery of key managerial functions, club operations, membership and tennis development programmes at the club. The Tennis Play and Stay Clubmark programme (working title) will be an important supporting programme of the Tennis Play and Stay Campaign and it is currently under development for rollout in 2014.

The programme is envisaged to assist national federations to provide their clubs and tennis facilities with the resources to better attract more people to play tennis and to become members, as well as better retain those participating in tennis and then through the clubmark programme to motivate them to adopt the programmes and activities proposed.

It is expected that the Clubmark programme will be developed by 2014.

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