Mission Possible

The Mission Possible competition format has been presented by Mike Barrell, Evolve9, Great Britain.

What is a Mission Possible?

Mission Possible is a timed, round robin format where players are given a mission to perform in each of their matches. Players earn points for completing their mission!


1 day - 1 week 8-128 players Singles or Doubles
10-years-and-older Individual Competitive

Structure of a Mission Possible competition

The following are some key tips for organisers:


Works best in a lesson but can have any number of players so long as enough courts are available.


Players play timed matches using counting scoring (1,2,3 etc). Players also have their ‘Mission Card’ this tells players their mission (eg hit a backhand beyond the service line) players earn 1 point every time they perform their mission. Players may need help scoring or recording scores.


Match scores are not recorded but at the end of each match, each player writes down the number of times they successfully performed their mission, earning 1 point for each.


Divide players into the round robin boxes (see next page). Give each player an envelope with a ‘Mission Card’ (see page 3). Follow the order of play on the Round Robin box. After each round record player’s mission scores on the round robin box.


The player with the most points for ‘mission’s completed’ is the winner. Present awards for ‘best effort’, ‘best sportsperson’, ‘most improved player’ etc. (You can easily change this format from singles to doubles, players work in pairs to complete their mission rather than alone)

Adapting the Format

Many formats can easily be adapted to suit players e.g. aged 10-and-under, mixed ages, teams and to be a more or less competitive event. To understand more about how to adapt competition to suit to the needs and lifestyles of the player, click here.

Applying Themes

Many competitions are more fun and easier to promote if they have a theme such as Davis Cup, Olympics or Family Day attached. To understand more about how to apply themes to competitions, click here.

EXAMPLE Mission Possible Competition

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