Round Robin

The Round Robin competition format has been presented by LTA, Great Britain.

What is a Round Robin competition?

Round robin formats see players split into groups (usually of 4-5 players). Each player plays against every other player in his or her group, guaranteeing the player a set number of matches.


1 hour 4-8 players per court Singles or Doubles
7-14 years Individual Learning

Structure of a Round Robin competition

The following are some key tips for organisers:


Enter player names into the Round Robin box. Ideally no more than 6 players in 1 box,  (see the MULTIPLE ROUND ROBIN format if you have more players). Allocate 2 courts for playing all the matches.


Choose a scoring format to suit age of your players and the time available. Shorts tiebreak sets to 4 (44tb) work well but with younger players, use a tiebreak scoring format.


Player names are written into the round robin box, their scores are also recorded in their box.



Follow the order of player provided on the round-robin boxes and use 2 courts. If a player is playing another match then send on the next available match in the order of play.


Total the results from the box. The winner of the box is the player with the most matches won. If there is a tie, take results in the following order:

  1. highest % of matches won*, if still equal…
  2. result of the match between the 2 players who are tied

* - % of matches won is a simple calculation

Adapting the Format

Many formats can easily be adapted to suit players e.g. aged 10-and-under, mixed ages, teams and to be a more or less competitive event. To understand more about how to adapt competition to suit to the needs and lifestyles of the player, click here.

Applying Themes

Many competitions are more fun and easier to promote if they have a theme such as Davis Cup, Olympics or Family Day attached. To understand more about how to apply themes to competitions, click here.

EXAMPLE Round Robin Competition

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