Team Cones

What is Team Cones?

Team Cones is the easiest competition format to run in tennis. It is a team format that can be used with large numbers of players on each court and no paperwork is needed.

30 mins - 1 hour 20 players per Red court; 8 players per Orange/Green court Singles
6 years and older Team Competitive & Social

Structure of a Team Cones competition

The following are some key tips for organisers:


Split all players into 2 teams (Red and Blue) of similar sizes. Ideally, teams have odd numbers, try to keep team standards similar. Set up 5 red courts on each full size court (Orange and Green courts can also be used).
Put a maximum of 20 players on each full sized court, 10 from Red team, 10 from blue team (if using Orange and Green courts a maximum of 8 players per court).


Matches are first to 5 with counting scoring (1,2,3 etc) and serve alternates.


Winning player in each match earns 1 cone for their team.



On each court, players line up one behind their colour cone.

The front players in each line take the next available court and play each other (always red v blue). When their match has finished they both come off court, the winner takes a cone a puts it on their team’s pile. Both players join the back of the line and wait to go back on court. Ensure players don’t play the same opponent straight away.
Keep watching out for the next free court and send players on, eventually they’ll organise themselves.


Count up all the Red Team’s cones and the Blue Team’s, the team with the most cones wins!

Adapting the Format

Many formats can easily be adapted to suit players e.g. aged 10-and-under, mixed ages, teams and to be a more or less competitive event. To understand more about how to adapt competition to suit to the needs and lifestyles of the player, click here.

Applying Themes

Many competitions are more fun and easier to promote if they have a theme such as Davis Cup, Olympics or Family Day attached. To understand more about how to apply themes to competitions, click here.

The Team Cones competition format has been presented by Mike Barrell, Evolve9, Great Britain.

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