The Zsig brand’s focus is on tennis coaching, with an established reputation as the UK’s leading specialist brand in this area with a comprehensive and innovative range of creative coaching equipment. As such, Zsig has worked with the ITF for many years, and was chosen by the Lawn Tennis Association (UK) to supply its prestigious Schools Project, delivering packs of Zsig tennis coaching equipment to over 15,000 Primary and Secondary Schools.


Zsig has a wide range of coaching equipment designed to make the introduction of tennis easier, effective - and to make it fun. Our Mini Tennis Ball range starts with 8cm moulded and cut foam and goes through to ITF Approved felt Green low compression balls with a choice of cosmetics. Our rackets for Tennis 10s are light with bright graphics, and come in 17, 19, 21, 23 and 25 inch sizes. We manufacture our Zsignet Mini Net Systems ourselves, and all are made to high specifications.

Tennis10s Red

Zsignets: 3m and 6m portable net systems
Rackets: 17, 19, and 21 inch
Balls: Range of 9 cm and 8cm cut foam and sponge balls with choice of density and bounce
SLOcoach Big Red 90mm low compression Tennis Ball (ITF Approved)

Range of Coaching Aids
Starter/Coaching Sets

Tennis10s Orange

Zsignets: 6m portable net systems
Rackets: 23 inch
Balls: SLOcoach Orange and Zsig Orange Dot (ITF Approved)
Line Systems: Throw Down Lines, Roll Down Lines, Giant Marker Lines, Smaartlines

Range of Coaching Aids
Starter/Coaching Sets



Tennis10s Green

Rackets: 25 inch
Balls: Link Green and Zsig Green Dot (ITF Approved)

Range of Coaching Aids
Starter / Coaching Sets





Starter Kits

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