Health and Tennis

The promotion of the health benefits of tennis and ‘tennis as a sport for all’ are an important focus of the Tennis Play and Stay campaign.

Some nations have developed tennis fitness based programmes to position tennis more firmly in the minds of their players that it is a beneficial sport for improving fitness and daily lifestyles.

Cardio Tennis

Perhaps one of the most notable tennis programme developed that is marketed towards health is Cardio Tennis which was introduced by the Tennis Industry Association in 2005.


Other forms of tennis using the slower balls

Beach Tennis

With the use of the slower balls and smaller courts, as well as adapting scoring formats and competition, tennis can appeal to a wide audience. ITF Beach Tennis is an evident example of how a Stage 2 ball with the appropriate racket, has developed into a professional and attractive form of the sport.

Touch Tennis

Another example of a variation of the sport using the Stage 3 slower ball and within the Stage 3 court dimensions, is touchtennis.

Existing Research

Although there have been many research studies that have concluded that physical activity is beneficial to a healthy lifestyle, specific studies linking tennis and their relevant benefits have been limited.

Click here to access some existing research that have specific relevance to tennis and have been used by the ITF to position tennis through the Tennis Play and Stay campaign and easy, fun and health.

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