Ratings around the world

How the ITN can work in Member Nations of the ITF

Many national federations around the world have their own national rating system in place. Some nations have very mature and established national rating systems, while others may not have such competitive infrastructures or a national rating system in place.

Nations without a national rating system

For those countries without a national rating system, players will hold only one rating - the International Tennis Number (ITN).

Once rated, a player’s ITN may move up or down as a direct result of matches played in ‘rated’ competition. The ITF has developed a simple calculation formula linked to competitive play, which can be used (manually or by computer) from club to national level to adjust a player’s ITN rating according to results. See page 16 of the ITN Manual which can be accessed in the related links section below.

A major objective of the ITN system will be to encourage all rated players to take part in rated competitions in order to play against players of a similar level and to improve their ratings. In light of the fact that some recreational players in clubs do not play in regular competitions the ITF envisage that these players will be allowed to use the ITN On-Court Assessment as both an objective means of measuring their improvement and as a way to improve their ITN rating.

The ITF would recommend that recreational players are encouraged to play competition to improve their rating but that they will also be able to improve their rating up to a maximum of ITN 7 by bettering their ITN On-Court Assessment score. Players rated higher than ITN 7 may still use the ITN On-Court Assessment to assess their improvements in certain aspects related to tennis matchplay but the assessment results should not be used to change their ITN rating.

Nations with a national rating system

For those countries with an established national rating system, the ITF has developed an ITN Conversion Chart. This chart compares the rating categories / bands of those countries with the ITN. Once the ITN is launched the players in these countries in effect will hold two ratings - their national rating and the corresponding ITN. These countries will continue to calculate the national rating of their players as before and as these players move up or down their national rating categories, their ITN will also move up and down according to the conversion chart.

Click here to access the ITN Conversion Chart.

The ITN is adjustable rather than fixed and may be adjusted as the results of match play are completed at a club, regional, national or international levels. This will demonstrate whether a player needs a re-rating. The method of first classification and then re-rating of players is the responsibility of each National Association and whist self rating and the use of the ITN On-Court Assessment will provide a practical method of initially rating players (and in the case of recreational players re-rating players), the ITN rating will ultimately be based on the match results of each player in that country.

The ITN Conversion Chart will also provide those countries implementing a national rating system with additional information that can be used when evaluating and determining the appropriate ITN for their players.

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