ITN Conversion Chart

For those countries with an established national rating system, the ITF has developed an ITN Conversion Chart. This chart compares the rating categories / bands of those countries against the ten categories of the ITN.

Once the ITN is launched the players in these countries in effect will hold two ratings - their national rating and the corresponding ITN. These countries will continue to calculate the national rating of their players as before and as these players move up or down their national rating categories, their ITN will also move up and down according to the comparison chart.

Click on the pdf documents in the related content section below to access the ITN Conversion Chart.

The ITF are about to commission a full review into the entireITN programme and update the ITN Conversion Chart which is in need of updating. The ITF apologise for any inconveniece with regarding the the delay in updating the chart.

Please contact the national association in question regrding a rating conversion that is not stated or if a conversion stated within the ITN Conversion Chart is questionable.

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