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The ITF has launched the official Tennis Xpress promotional video following the global launch of the Tennis Xpress programme during the 3rd Tennis Play and Stay seminar at the LTA’s National Tennis Centre in London in November 2012. Watch the video by clicking here or by visiting

Tennis Xpress is an easy, active and fun coaching programme for starter adults and recommended by the ITF as the best way to learn the game. Designed as a nine-hour course over six weeks for clubs and tennis facilities, Tennis Xpress is centred on the use of slower Green balls (25% slower) and Orange balls (50% slower) to ensure that players quickly learn the rules of tennis, and the basic techniques and tactics of tennis, in an active way. Tennis Xpress is a supporting programme of the ITF Tennis Play and Stay campaign.

The promotional video is the first of a series of videos to be published by the ITF that will be used by federations and their coaches to successfully implement the Tennis Xpress course to starter adults in tennis facilities around the world. The videos will all be embedded within the new Tennis Play and Stay website and provide a valuable coaching resource.

ITF Executive Director of Development, Dave Miley stated: “Research has shown that health and exercise benefits, and learning and improving at something new, are of particular importance to adults when choosing their leisure activities. The Tennis Xpress course ensures that adults learn to play tennis quickly while having a great workout and a sociable and fun experience. We believe that this programme will have a big impact globally in both attracting and retaining new players in our sport.”

Tennis Play and Stay is the ITF’s global initiative launched in 2007 aimed at increasing tennis participation worldwide. Tennis Play and Stay centres around the slogan of ‘Serve, Rally and Score’ and seeks to promote tennis as an easy, fun and healthy sport. Fundamental to the campaign is the use of slower balls by coaches working with starter players, ensuring that their first experience of tennis is a positive one by serving, rallying and scoring from the first lesson.

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