Course Promotion

Once the needs of the potential participants are identified, it is very important to communicate the correct message to them to maximise their attraction to the programme and to participate.

Why Tennis?

The aim of the Tennis Play and Stay campaign is promote the game as easy, fun and healthy, through 5 key messages:

Tennis is easy…

  • when coaches use the slower Red, Orange and Green balls

Tennis is fun…

  • when starter players serve, rally and score from the first lesson

Tennis competition is fun…

  • formats & scoring systems exist to suit all lifestyles

Tennis is healthy…

  • when players serve, rally and score; research supports this

Tennis is a sport for all…

  • everyone who can serve, rally and score should have a rating

Suporting these key messages, tennis is also:

  • A global sport for life;
  • Highly social;
  • Affordable to participants;
  • Can be participated all year round; and is
  • A sport for the whole family and amongst friends.

See 'What adults want from tennis?' section.

Tools for promoting to the customers

There are many ways to promote a Tennis Xpress programme to the potential customers / participants that have been identified. The following examples highlight how some methods of promotion can be used to attract new starter adults.

Word of mouth by existing participants / members
This is the cheapest form of promotion and is very effective. Existing participants or club members speak with their friends, family and colleagues and recommend participating in tennis during general conversations. When a participant enjoys a Tennis Xpress course, they are more likely to recommended the course to someone else.

Direct communication with existing participants / members
When a coach is talking with an exisiting tennis faciliy / club member or participants of organised tennis session,  it is a great opportunitiy to promote a new activity such as a Tennis Xpress course. These existing participants / members may be interested themselves or know of someone who may be. This is a very cheap and effective form of direct communication to potential participants and allows the coach to proote the new Tennis Xpress course very positively and sell the beneifts.

Direct communication with parents of children within Junior club programme
When parents bring take their children to their tennis sessions, it is a great opportunitiy for a coach to mention a new programme starting or even do some research about what needs their are for a new Tennis Xpress course. Handouts / leaflets can also be provided to the parents advertsing a new course.

Printed materials
Producing printed posters, leaflets, flyers, banners etc. are the most common form of promotion to potential participants. Printing these types of materials can often be expensive and can also be time consuming to distribute, particularly when flyering local residents or the general public on a busy day in a local town. This form of promotion does allow all the relevant information, including times and details of a new Tennis Xpress course to be displayed.

Website and Social Media
Some websites can take a lot of time and be expensive to maintain, but also can be very effective is providiong quick information to existing members of a local tennis faciloty / club. Social media is now a regular form of communication through various platfoms such as Facebook and Twitter - as with websites, it can also be time consuming, but it is not expensive and can communicate a new Tennis Xpress programme to existing members and potential customers very quickly and effectively.

As an example, please see 'How to set up and run a successful Facebook page' as provided by British Tennis.

Emails, e-newsletters and postal newsletters
Many tennis facilities / clubs have access to thier membership's email addresses, contact details and home addresses. Promoting a new Tennis Xpress course via an email or within a regualr e-newsletter to all members is very quick and effective. Sending a poster or letter regarding a new Tennis Xpress course can also very effective if sent direct to the member, however this can be expensive to print and then more expensive to post.

Local media
Tennis facilities / club may have good links to the local media (radio / tv / newspapers) and may look to promote a new Tennis Xpress course here. This form of promotion can be very expensive , however can communicate a new activity tpo a large audience very quickly.

Organised Events & Open days
Tennis facilities / clubs may schedule events to cater for their existing members, whether tennis related or social events for example barbeques or quiz evenings. During these events can be good times to promote a new Tennis Xpress course and attract new participants to a regular tennis activity. Some tennis facilities / clubs do open the doors on specific days throughout the year to attract new members to the club and offer free tennis activities, discounts or offers to potential members. Some open days much have a free taster session of Tennis Xpress organised to showcase the course.

Offers, vouchers & discounts
Discounts are very common to retain existing participants and also to attract new people to participate too. As some examples, some tennis facilities / clubs may reduce membership joining fees to potential new members during a specific period during the year; may offer the first week of a new Tennis Xpress course at a reduced rate if one participant recommends a friend; or sign up for the full six-week Tennis Xpress course in advance and recieve the final session for free.

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