The Participant

Effective communication with prospective Tennis Xpress participants is very important to generate a good uptake within any newly scheduled course.

Step ONE - Who are the customers (the participants)

The first stage is to understand the customer that the Tennis Xpress programme is looking to attract. The participants within the Tennis Xpress programme are the customers. The following are potential customers to the course:

  • Existing club members (playing and non-playing), for example:
    • young club members (11-15 years old)
    • adult club members (16-65 years old)
    • senior club members (66+ years old)
  • Parents of young playing members i.e. exisitng Tennis10s player's parents
  • General public (non-members of the club)
  • Friends & Family members of exisitng club members

Tennis facilities / clubs should have access to their member's details within a club database and this should be the immediate target audience to attract to the Tennis Xpress programme. Atteracting new members to a club or new programme can be expensive and very time-consuming.

The tennis facility / club and / or cloach should look to identify who the customers should be to the Tennis Xpress programme in advance of scheduling the programme or begining any promotional campaign.

Step TWO - Understanding the customers (the potential participants)

Without understanding the potential customers, it is very difficult to provide an effective and successful service for them. In this case, it is understanding what the potential participants would likie to attreact them to playing tennis more regularly and whether a  Tennis Xpress course is of interest to them e.g. researching whether there is a demand for a starter adult coaching course for the existing adult members of a tennis facility / club.

Challenges and Barriers for Participation

There a some challlenges and barriers that would impact the decision of a potential participant taking part in more regular tenis activity and these should be taken into consideration:

Perceptions fo Tennis

  • Tennis is a technically difficult sport
  • Tennis has complex rules and scoring formats
  • Tennis is expensive


  • No one to play with
  • Don’t know where local court is
  • Weather
  • Not enough time


  • Self conscious / people look down on you
  • Bad experience in school
  • Not improving

Source: British Tennis, 2013, Developing you programme - ADULTS.

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