Brazil (BRA)

5th Brazilian National Tennis "Conquering New Territories" Conference

By Cesar Kist, Director of Education Coaches Brazilian Tennis Confederation

Participants from all regions across Brazil participated in the 5th National Meeting of Tennis "Conquering new territories", conference in Saint Paul Hotel, in São José do Rio Preto. This was the site of the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas World Group Play-off between Brazil and Russia in September 2012. This was coordinated by Cesar Kist, Director of Training of Trainers for the Brazilian Tennis Confederation (CBT), who presented a technical update. During the presentation Cesar presented Tennis Xpress, the new ITF tennis programem for introducing tennis to starter adult players.

The new programme is a supporting programme of the ITF Tennis Play and Stay campaign, which facilitates the learning for those who have never played tennis using the slower Red, Orange and Green tennis balls.

"With the use of Red, Orange and Green balls, slower than the conventional Yellow ball used in professional and youth competitions, Tennis Xpress offers an introduction to adult learners, that is dynamic and active. The ITF recommended this programme as the best way to learn tennis for starter adults, so the game moves are assimilated quickly," said Cesar Kist.

The Tennis Xpress course will be launched by the ITF at the end of 2012.

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