Denmark (DEN)

The Danish Tennis Association has successfully implemented a national starter adult tennis programme since the federation piloted the initial Tennis Xpress programme in 2012 on behalf of the ITF.


A national survey in Denmark known as the IDAN survey highlighted that recruiting and retaining 20-55 year old adults was problematic due to the lack of balance between work life, family & career.

National Implementation of Tennis Xpress

During the period April – August 2011, the Danish Tennis Association implemented the following key points:

  • Established a well thought through national strategy (National Tennis Day)
  • Allocated sufficient human resources
  • Created a local ownership – 1-2 Tennis Xpress ambassadors were nominated in each participating club
  • Development of resources including Tennis Xpress leaflets, manuals, marketing materials, etc.
  • Provided participating clubs with a Tennis Xpress starter pack (incl. balls, rackets and manuals)
  • Organised Tennis Xpress courses to ensure that clubs have coaches qualified to handle the target group and were able to deliver the programme nationally
  • Consulted ITF during the implementation process and for the best practices
  • Branded Tennis Xpress on every media platform available to the association and through local media sources

The following steps highlight the process that the Danish Tennis Association took to implement the successful Tennis XPress programmes across the clubs.

Step 1

  • An offer clubs cannot turn down – the Tennis Xpress course would cost each participant €30 (Euro) and the club would generate some profit
  • Broad national advertising on all available platforms at that time, direct mail, phone calls, face-2-face marketing and buy into the national programme from the clubs
  • Communicating the key words i.e. making the offer visible and having a convincing presentation pointing out the benefits for the clubs

Step 2

  • Recruitment of Tennis Xpress club ambassadors in the participating clubs
  • Communicating the key words i.e: recruiting ambassadors in the clubs who wish to make a difference.
  • Creating ownership, gift packages, contact hotline, special Tennis Xpress events, sharing best practices, etc.

Step 3

  • Prepare the clubs to manage the Tennis Xpress courses.
  • Recruiting and retaining strategies at local level (emphasise social activities)
  • Re-educating coaches
  • Communicating the key words i.e show the possibilities of recruiting and retaining
    members in their club
  • Providing relevant tools and resources for the clubs.

Step 4

  • Implementation and follow-up on the individual projects in the participating clubs
  • Communicating the key words i.e motivate the clubs to organise more than one course
    during the summer period (big clubs a course every week)

Step 5

  • Creating supporting initiatives
  • Establishing a National Day of Tennis
  • Building a national website (
  • Launching a radio campaign
  • Initiating a Facebook page

Tennis Xpress Results 2011

50 of the courses were in Denmark with approximately 650 new club members across Denmark. There are 103 clubs participating in the programme.

Looking ahead

The target for 2012 is to recruit 1,100 new members. Tennis Xpress has created an unparalelled basis for the clubs to recruit and retain adult members.

Increasing tennis participation through Tennis Xpress … the key to recruiting and retaining adult members in Denmark.

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