Post Course Opportunities

After the Tennis Xpress Course

At the end of the Tennis Xpress course it is recommended that the coach assesses all of the participants and provides them with suitable playing opportunities so that they can continue to play the sport, scoailly and within a competitive environment, to further develop and enjoy their tennis.

Example opportunities may include:

  • Organised Green or Yellow ball multi-match competitions
  • Organised Club Box Leagues using short set matches, including Green ball Box Leagues
  • Organised Team based competitions, Green and / or Yellow ball
  • Specific Green ball ‘Club Night Mix In’ sessions
  • Organised timed competition formats, Green and / or Yellow ball
  • Organised Parent and Child competitions, with the use of the slower Red, Orange and Green ball and / or Yellow ball
  • Organised Cardio Tennis sessions, Orange, Green or Yellow ball

Example Tennis Xpress Player Pathways

When organsing a Tennis Xpress course, the tennis facility / club or coach should expect that a range of different tennis abilities will be participating.

For the purpose of the Tennis Xpress course, adult starter players are defined as those who:

  • are complete beginners to tennis i.e. have never played tennis before, or
  • who have received basic coaching but have never played the game outside of a coaching environment, or
  • beginners returning to tennis after a long absence

Below are four example pathways that an adult starter player may take during their tennis development. Each example pathway describes the level of tennis that the player may have and also, and most importantly, shows what type of opprtunities that the tennis facility / club programme may provide to that specifc player once the Tennis Xpress course has been concluded.


Complete beginner to tennis and who have never played tennis before.

Tennis Xpress Player Pathway A


Recieved basic coaching in the past but has never played the game outside of a coaching environment.

Tennis Xpress Player Pathway B


Complete beginner player returning to tennis after a long absence.

Tennis Xpress Player Pathway C


Regular Cardio Tennis participant, however is keen to further develop their tennis.

Tennis Xpress Player Pathway D

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