Participant Videos

The following videos support the Tennis Xpress showing interviews from players who had completed the six sessions of the Tennis Xpress course for the first time.

QUOTE #1 “I’ve never played tennis before so it was nice to get out there and give it a go.”



QUOTE #2 “I was able to rally and I didn’t think that I would be able to do that so early on in the lesson.”



QUOTE #3 “I was a bit nervous at first, but when I got here everyone was in the same boat.”



QUOTE #4 “It was so much easier with the slower balls, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t remember ever being so successful playing tennis.”



QUOTE #5 “Well the red balls were great at the beginning because it meant that we could get more of a rally going.”



QUOTE #6 “We tried it with the Yellow balls and they were just too fast, we were just running around chasing the ball and harder to control.”



QUOTE #7 “I feel good now. I don’t think that if I had continued the way that I started with the Yellow balls maybe I wouldn’t have been back next week.”



QUOTE #8 “I saw the course and thought it was a great thing to pick up again.” .”



QUOTE #9 “This course has made it more accessible in terms of actually being able to score points and being able to keep rallies going for longer.”



QUOTE #10 “I actually saw a poster in my local coffee shop and had actually been looking for something to get involved in.”



QUOTE #11 “We had a really good time.”



QUOTE #12 “I signed up for the Tennis Xpress course because I always wanted to try tennis as I never had the opportunity.”



QUOTE #13 “I’ve felt that it has built my confidence up to come back and try it some more.”



QUOTE #14 “Yes, I will keep playing.”



QUOTE #15 “Hopefully we will be able to all meet up, play some social tennis and get a lot better.”



QUOTE #16 “I am glad that I came. I have hit a lot of balls today.”

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