Session Objectives

The table below details an overview of the Tennis Xpress course, stating the objectives for each of the 6 sessions. The desired ball that is recommended for that session objective is stated in italic brackets i.e. (Orange ball).

The Tennis Xpress course is centred around the use of Orange or Green balls, however it is recognised that the Red ball will be used by the coach when necessary as a teaching aid or to make the session more active.

Where a thumbnail is shown beside the activity, a video is available to support the course learning and the respective activity.

The full course content is also available as a pdf within the related links section at the bottom of this page



0hrs - 1.5hrsSESSION 1*
ACTIVITY Course welcome, introduction and objectives.
Slower balls and game situations.
Learn to rally - basic techniques for developing consistency from the baseline (Red ball).
Developing a basic serve and return (Red ball).
Learning and playing with tie break scoring (Red ball).


1.5hrs - 3hrsSESSION 2*
ACTIVITY Consistency from the baseline (Red / Orange ball).
Moving the opponent from the baseline and maintaining good position (Red / Orange ball).
Serve and return (Red / Orange ball).
Playing with tie break scoring (Red / Orange ball).


3hrs – 4.5hrsSESSION 3*
ACTIVITY Moving the opponent using a basic serve and return (Red / Orange ball).
Understanding court positioning in singles.
Playing from the baseline in singles and doubles.
Learning to score in a set / match.


4.5hrs – 6hrsSESSION 4*
ACTIVITY Learning to play from the net in singles (Orange / Green ball).
Combining different game situations in singles (Orange / Green ball).
Learning to play basic doubles as a team / doubles court positioning (Orange / Green ball).
Basic doubles formation - “one up, one back” (Orange / Green ball).
Serve and return in doubles (Orange ball).


6hrs – 7.5hrsSESSION 5*
ACTIVITY Learning to play from the net in doubles (Orange / Green ball).
Playing singles and doubles with tennis scoring (Orange / Green ball).


7.5hrs – 9hrsSESSION 6*
ACTIVITY Playing a singles and doubles competition using different game situations and game styles (Orange / Green).
Signposting - opportunities for play, competition and coaching at the club.

*For the full description of each activity, including details regarding the specific demonstration, the supporting checkpoints and the observations to assist the coach, please see the related links section at the bottom of each session's specific page to access a pdf document.

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