10U Scoring Formats

The following scoring systems are included in the ITF Rules of Tennis, to tailor competitions to the needs of 10-and-under players:

  • 1 Match tiebreak to 7 or 10
  • Best of 3 match tiebreaks to 7
  • 1 Short set (1st to 4 games)
  • Best of 3 short sets (1st to 4 games)
  • Tie break instead of a 3rd set
  • No ad scoring (play 1 game point at deuce)
  • A combination of these

Instead of using single elimination formats, the ITF recommends to use multi-match formats and tennis festivals which involve all players playing more than one match (e.g. round robin, compass draw, etc), and ensure that all children play the same number of matches.

Timed matches can also be used to facilitate effective rotation and organisation. Team based matches are strongly recommended for 10-and-under players, especially at Red and Orange stages.

For more information regarding formats and scoring systems specifically for Tennis10s, download the Tennis10s Implementation Manual via the Resources section. Examples of different competition formats can be accessed via the Competition Formats section.

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