About Smaller Courts

Three Stages, Three Courts

There are three stages of Tennis10s that allow players to start at the suitable level for their ability - Red (Stage 3), Orange (Stage 2) and Green (Stage 1). Click here for more information regarding the three specific stages of Tennis10s.

Along with the use of the three slower Red, Orange and Green balls, and the recommended shorter rackets for the desired age group, the three stages of Tennis10s are played on three specifc court sizes: These are detailed below:

RED (Stage 3)

  • Court 36-42ft (10.97-12.8m) x 14-20ft (4.27-6.1m)
  • Net Height (at the centre): 31.5-33in (0.8-0.838m)

ORANGE (Stage 2)

  • Court 58-60ft (17.68-18.29m) x 20-27ft (6.1-8.23m)
  • Net Height (at the centre): 31.5-36in (0.8-0.914m)

GREEN (Stage 1)

  • Full Size Court 23.77 x 8.23m
  • Standard Net Height (at the centre): 36in (0.914m)

Why use smaller courts?

The court size for Tennis10s is recommended to be relevant to the size of the player. Most children aged 10-and-under will struggle to cover the full court, meaning rallies are shorter, and the use of advanced tactics is unrealistic (i.e. sending and receiving high-flying and high-bouncing balls; playing inside the baseline; too much space to hit the ball into; etc.).

Realistic footwork patterns are difficult to develop, as children have to use more steps to cover the court, affecting movement styles to the ball and in recovery, this is also affected by a fast and high bouncing ball. Approach and volley becomes an almost impossible tactic for small players on big courts, because they are easy to pass or lob, and take longer to reach an optimal net position, because of their size and speed.

The diagram below shows that the distance required to cover a cross court shot on a full court is much greater than required on a shorter court. A 10-and-under player trying to cover that shot on a full court will require a greater number of steps than an adult to cover the same distance (on average five steps versus three steps).


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