• Roger Federer

    Roger Federer

    "I grew up playing with slower balls, and I could easily swing through the shot, and the balls didn’t fly all over the place."

  • Justine Henin

    Justine Henin

    "I think when you’re not tall and not strong, it’s great to have soft balls and small rackets… it’s the way I learned how to play tennis."

  • Nick Bolletieri

    Nick Bolletieri

    "When the red and orange balls were first introduced to the tennis world, I actually said, ‘What in the world are you doing?’ ... Today the QuickStart Tennis play format has won me and the entire IMG-Bolletieri staff over."

  • Patrick McEnroe

    Patrick McEnroe

    "I am now completely convinced that the rule change regarding 10-and-under competition will be a very positive step not only for increasing tennis participation but also in the development of performance players."

  • Max Mirnyi

    Max Mirnyi

    "... playing on the smaller court, softer balls and the smaller sized rackets, gives you the impression of proper tennis games but at the smaller scale... and I think this is the greatest way for kids to get introduced, to get the feel for the game, to enjoy the game and get the taste for winning really quickly."

  • First Lady, Michelle Obama

    First Lady, Michelle Obama

    "... with all the changes going on in tennis, that’s an even better way for kids to get active and to have fun."

  • Esther Vergeer

    Esther Vergeer

    "The principles of Tennis Play and Stay also apply to wheelchair tennis and increasing the number of players able to play the sport."

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